MOPS Icebreaker Q & A

Icebreaker Q & A from 9/27/12

Question:  What kinds of fruits and veggies do you put in smoothies to trick your kids into drinking something healthy?

The building blocks of smoothies were: Greek Yogurt, honey or agave nectar (to sweeten), whole milk or apple juice (or any juice) to thin out the drink.
Good veggies to put into drinks so they can’t tell:  spinach & kale
Good fruits to add:

  • Avocados – to make creamy
  • Frozen berries – to make icy and cold
  • Pears, apples, bananas, berries – to add good flavor

Suggestions were to use a blender or a very good, expensive type of blender brand Vitamix to totally blend anything!  The has good recipes for smoothies–she has 5 magic veggies that don’t have much taste in smoothies: yellow squash, cabbage (red or green), carrot, zucchini, spinach.

Other sites (thanks, Sara)

Icebreaker Q & A from 10/25/12

What are some tips for date nights with your husband?

  • It doesn’t just happen easily, so be intentional (budget, ask around for babysitters, ask family, put it on calendar and work around it, etc.).
  • Key is spending time together and re-establishing connection as a couple.
  • After the kids are in bed, do something at home that you normally don’t do (watch a movie & cuddle, light candles and have special coffee drink or dessert, etc.).
  • Men like to talk while doing something else, so pick an activity to do on a date night (i.e. bowling -Latitude30 has a dinner and a movie option as well-, miniature golf, trivia night, etc.).
  • Some other places suggested: Kilwins ice cream, walk around the Town Center, beach, Lillie’s coffee bar at Neptune Beach (live outdoor music on weekends).

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